USA Football
Frequently Asked Questions

1) What days and times are practices?

Practices are scheduled by coaches in flag and tackle. Typically, teams will either be given a schedule that consists of Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Before games start, there will also be a third practice on Saturdays. Weekday practices are in the evening with Saturday practices being held in the morning. Practice schedules will be given by coaches after teams are formed. Tackle practices are typically two hours and flag are usually one hour in length.

2) Can I request a specific team or coach, or can I request for my child to be placed on a team with his friend?

You are free to make reasonable request but please keep in mind that there will be ABOSLUTELY NO gaurantee that any request can or will be honored. This includes all request due to car pooling, friendships, and relationship (besides moms,dads, brothers and sisters).

3) What days/times are games played on and where?

Games are scheduled to be played on mostly on Saturdays. There maybe certain occasions that games will be played on a Sunday. Flag games will usually be played between 8AM and 2 PM. Tackle games can be scheduled anytime throughout the day, morning and night. Games can be played in any of the participating cities. Unless there is lightning, all flag and tackle games will be played as scheduled. Referees will make determination at the field during weather related events.

4) Can my child participate in a different grade group than what his/her actual grade is?

A child may play up in grade but a child may not play down. It is highly recommended that a child play with their actual grade group, especially in tackle. A player may only play up 1 grade group. The registration system will not allow you to select an older grade group. Please mark in the comments which grade group that you want your child to play up in. We will adjust the registration to the correct group.

5) Are there minimum play or participation rules?

In flag, it is expected that each player is on the playing field for approxiametly half of the game at a minimum. In tackle, each player is to be on the field for a minimum of 12 plays (special team plays do not count).

6) What equipment is included with the fee?

Tackle players will be issued the following equipment that will be turned back in at the end of the season: helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, game jersey, and fully integrated padded practice/game pants. They will also be given a mouthpiece. Flag players will be given a mouth piece, soft shell helmet and a game jersey along with flags.

7) What kind of cleats will my child need?

Participants may wear athletic sneakers, but it is recommended that they wear a suitable cleat made for football. All cleats must be rubber molded and there will be NO metal and/or screw in cleats allowed.

8) What are the fees and when are the registration dates?

Flag ranges between $90-$125 depending on grade level and tackle is $195. June 17th will end the "on time" registration period. After June 17th there will be an additional $15 fee and players will not be guaranteed spots on their previous season's team. Teams will be made up of all on time registrations before any late registrations will be added to rosters.

9) Are residents of another city allowed to register?

A participant must reside within the district of the Brecksville - Broadview Hts City School District.

10) Can I still sign up if all spots are full?

No, we will shut off the registration for each age group when the rosters are full (we are limited on the amount of players a team may have by league rules). We will start a waiting list when we reach our limit. Please email your child's information (name, age, date of birth, phone number, and email address).

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