USA Football
Coach's Requirements

Any coach that participates with BYF is mandated to complete certain steps before they are allowed to engage with the players with in the league. Tackle teams are allowed 1 Head Coach and no more than 5 Assistant Coaches. Flag teams are allowed 1 Head Coach and no more than 4 Assistant Coaches. Below are links to each step that must be preformed.

1. Register Online You have to register online as a coach to be in our system. If you are coaching on multiple staffs, you must register for each position.

2. Background Check - The league is working on a new provider that will work with our registration system. We will keep head coaches updated on the instructions as they become available.

3. USA Football Certification The league is able to track completion online. (Make sure you obtain league code from either your head coach or league representitive)

4.Concussion Management Training This is a free online course. You must print your certificate and hand to your head coach. Head coaches will turn in as a group to league representitive. The certificate is good for 3 years, the certificate is required in your coach's binder every year.

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